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Fix It Sticks Steel and Replaceable Bit Versions


We reviewed the original Fix It Sticks earlier this summer and while I liked the compact design and use of the tool, I managed to break the aluminum “stick” part of the tool trying to free a stuck quill stem bolt. Fix It Sticks has just introduced the steel bodied Fix It Stick, more up to shop tasks and better suited for the torque one can actually apply with the t-handle. Pre-order the steel Fix It Sticks for $25 per pair.

ExNIaOSK7vBtavCF5JorAN7O1VHGS7nWUGz99eyIEXg Also new from Fix It Sticks is the replaceable bit version, compatible with all manner of driver bits, making for a great compact and customizable tool kit. Pack only the bits you need to work on your bike, or hit the hardware store and collect a bit for every bolt in your life.

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