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Eurobike 2008 Photos – Take Three!

A reader who goes by the name HelluvaStella commented on our previous Eurobike post, with a note to check out his Flickr photostream. We’re glad we did, because he had his eye on a lot of things we would have been looking at. Including…

Fixie Inc. won a Eurobike award with this belt-driven fixed gear featuring wooden handlebars. They also had their production models, The Peace Maker and Black Jack, on display.

Cinelli’s Mystic Rats features an affordable component mix and a flip-flop hub.

NC-17 was showing off their take on the two-speed planetary crankset.

Bianchi pulled out all the stops on the Dolomiti, a retro-styled steel roadbike with chromed lugs and a Celeste paint job.

Colnago is also back on the bandwagon of steel tubes with chromed lugs.

Here’s one for the track bike fiends… Corratec combines track bike simplicity, carbon fiber and German engineering to build one fast-looking machine.

The Kraftstoff Sissy (above) and the Franz-Josef combine retro styling with modern convenience and comfort.

And one more from Germany… Agresti are handmade by Stefano Agresti. Framebuilding is a family tradition, as Sefano’s grandfather built bikes way back in 1945.

And there’s more… Visit www.flickr.com/photos/iareanengineer.

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  1. DaveSeptember 9, 2008 at 7:21 pm

    Wow, that Corratec does look fast. I wonder how many Ts that front chain ring is??? I gotta have one! lol

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