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Emily Maye – Belgian Cyclocross

mayeEven without any further context, Emily Maye’s photography of cycling events are unparalleled in storytelling. She admittedly seeks out the moments away from the racing for her images, and she does so to amazing effect.

Her latest series of images are from the Belgian Cyclocross, which are interesting from the perspective of this side of the ocean as the spectators seem relatively calm compared to cyclocross races in the States. They seem to be the standard road race fans huddled on a circuit course. There doesn’t seem to be a butt-crack hand up, bikini-clad man or PBR in sight. It almost looks dead serious!

The interview that accompanies the images gives background of Maye’s interest in cycling and upcoming projects. Turns out she just shot the Team Sky/Rapha lookbook, of which the kits I’m currently obsessed with, and will be in Louisville for the Cyclocross World Championships this Sunday. I’m looking forward to those images. See the full interview here.

Via It’s Nice That.

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