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EighthInch Julian V2 Wheelset

So you’re a wheel crusher, eh? Whether it’s fixed freestyle riding, bike polo or just miles and miles of broken concrete on your daily commute, the EighthInch Julian V2 wheelset was designed with you in mind. Available with 32 or 48 spokes (tested), the main feature is the 42mm deep-profile, triple-walled aluminum rims. At 800 grams each, the rims alone weigh more than some wheels.

The rims are available in flat black, white or polished silver. And you’ve got a choice between machined or non-machined sidewalls.

EighthInch uses Formula hubs with sealed cartridge bearings. Formula’s hubs are extremely popular in the urban market because they’re inexpensive, yet they roll smoothly and last a long time. The front wheel is spaced at 100mm, and the rear comes as 120, but can be spaced to 126 or 130. If you order a wheelset with machined sidewalls, you’ll get a fixed/free flip flop hub. Non-machined rims come laced to a fixed/fixed hub. A 32 spoke pair weighs in at about 1300 grams for the front, 1340 for the rear rear. Naturally, the 48 spoke versions weigh a tad more.

So how do they ride? As you might expect, they kind of feel like strong, heavy wheels. But in a good way. They’re so sturdy that I just want to launch off tall curbs and wheelie through patches of broken concrete rather than going around. The Julian’s are confidence-inspiring, even if they do add a pound or more to the overall weight of the bike. And I know that engineering standpoint, more weight at the rim is known to make a bike slower to accelerate, but I can honestly say that it’s not these wheels that are keeping me from becoming the next Thor Hushovd.

The Julian V2 wheelset retails for $230. Visit www.eighthinch.com for more info.

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  1. timmyleesixxJuly 19, 2011 at 8:19 am

    I’ve got a set of the 32 spokes. I agree with the review. I haven’t put them through what many UV readers might just yet but so far, so good. I like Eighthinch stuff.

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  3. yodudeJuly 19, 2011 at 1:52 pm

    I got the 48 spoked ones, and love them. One thing that surprised me, I thought that many spokes would stop a ball in polo, but no such luck. still need wheel covers.

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