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DZR Shoes Office Visit

On a short visit to the Bay Area a visit to DZR Shoes was in order, both to check out the latest offerings to to simply stop in to see the owners Shane and Fabio, some of the nicest and most genuine folks I’ve met in the past couple of years in this industry. Located in a third floor loft on an alley in San Francisco, the offices aren’t the easiest to stumble upon but inside hold a full display of the latest from their line of casual SPD compatible shoes. No doubt, these aren’t performance racing shoes but more for people that are on and off the bike all day long in their daily lives—the commute, out to lunch, hitting the post office—and prefer the control and feel of clipless pedals. Cases of shoes lines the back room, with prototype versions of future models around so they can see them in their near-finished form to judge both fashion and function. DZR shoes feature an SPD compatible sole that is rigid where the cleat attaches and flexible in the arch area to allow more normal walking than with racier, solid soled shoes. Of particular note on this visit were the latest Link and Mamba models featuring a higher cut and stabilized strap across the front not unlike what Marty McFly would wear, with more rigid materials helping to keep your heel grounded in the shoe during pedalling motions. Also on site were the remaining supply of the super limited Swagga mid height boots, with only 50 pairs produced and nowhere near that many still available. Look for the new line up to officially drop soon, with more to come from DZR at www.dzrshoes.com.

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