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Driver Arrested in Hit and Run Close to Home

Cycling collisions always seem more relevant when you know the people involved, or the incident happens in a familiar place. In the case of a May 12 2012 cycling collision, both factors were at work. The incident happened mere blocks from my home and the Urban Velo headquarters on the very same street my front door opens onto, with the victim being an SCA Fellow working on cycling initiatives within the BikePGH office, an organization that I’ve sat on the Board of Directors of since 2006. To say it was startling to hear the severity of the accident is downplaying it — I received multiple phone calls before Dan’s name was released checking if it was in fact me involved, and was floored to find out it was someone I knew that took the impact. According to WPXI an arrest warrant has finally been issued for Beau Fishinger months after the incident after DNA results came back from the crime lab. Allegedly speeding on a suspended license, Beau hit and nearly killed Dan, leaving his mother to contact the authorities when she noticed his smashed up Jeep that matched witness descriptions parked at home (we ripped the presumed before picture dated July 2011 from Beau’s own Facebook page). Beau claims to have thought he hit a dog or a deer, and according to his grandfather feels bad that it was actually a human that he left for dead in the roadway. The good news is that the justice system appears to be working and working hard, albeit slowly, and Beau is facing aggravated assault by vehicle charges amongst others. The better news is that Dan is making a remarkable recovery, has returned to his desk at the BikePGH office, and is back pedaling even if it’s on three wheels instead of two at the moment. Be safe out there everyone.

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  1. AntisthenesNovember 8, 2012 at 12:24 am

    Big car: little man.

    Glad to hear the right person (‘man’ is not a word Beau deserves) will face the longer term repercussions.

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