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Don’t Salmon – Salmon Cyclist Kills Another Rider in Pasadena

Salmoning is the act of riding the wrong way down the street. It’s called such because salmon swim upstream, against the current. While this is a vital part of survival for the fish, it’s just plain stupid for cyclists, or anything moving on a roadway for that matter.

Salmoning is dangerous because, obviously, it goes against the flow of traffic. It’s unexpected and it doesn’t make sense. It makes people going the right way need to swerve or stop or perform some other jolted maneuver without necessarily any room or enough time to avoid another moving object coming head-on at them. And, in what has been a very unfortunate demonstration of just how bad of an idea it can be, salmoning has also proven deadly.

BikinginLA reports that a 20-year old Pasadena cyclist has passed away following a collision yesterday with a cyclist traveling the wrong way down the street he was riding on. According to Caltech Bike Lab, riding salmon dramatically increases the force of any impact. Read the full story at BikinginLA. Condolences to the young man and his family.

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  1. Morgan 'ARR!' AllenJuly 18, 2013 at 6:37 pm

    As more cyclists are on the streets I’ve been seeing this as an increasing problem. Had a customer come into my shop last week with a taco’d front wheel after being hit by another cyclist riding the wrong way. Who subsequently took off. Thankfully the customer was uninjured.

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  5. MarySeptember 4, 2014 at 5:45 pm

    2 years ago a salmoning cyclist on Arroyo Parkway collided with my vehicle. I was making a 7-10 mph right turn onto Arroyo from an alley. Both lanes of traffic were one way in the direction I was turning. The direction the cyclist was traveling had two lanes on the opposite side of the street that was divided by a raised median. Even though the police report put the unharmed cyclist (not even a skinned knee) at fault, my former insurance company, Progressive decided to put me 100% at fault to avoid a jury trial “jurors always side with the bicyclist.” They settled and the cyclist received over 17,000 dollars. So… Salmon and you might die or you might make a lot of money.

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