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Do Cyclists And Pedestrians Spend More Than Drivers?

The Atlantic Cities is reporting on recent research from Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium showing that while cyclists and pedestrians spend less per trip to local businesses than drivers, that over the course of a month they may actually spend more through more frequent trips.

“It’s not just a phenomenon born of the need to carry things,” Clifton [Professor of civil and environmental engineering at Portland State University] says. Walkable (and bikeable) communities by definition facilitate a more frequent interaction between patrons and businesses. This means these bikers and pedestrians are also more regular customers. “That also says something about marketing,” Clifton says, “about customer loyalty, about neighborhood-based businesses.”

Read the entire article at www.theatlanticcities.com

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  1. EzraDecember 6, 2012 at 6:29 pm

    I love how in “Drinking Establishments” bikers are blowing drivers out of the water.

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