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DING3000 Concept 1865 E-Velocipede


Just when you thought you’ve seen it all someone comes along with an electric assist ordinary bicycle. DING3000 partnered with BASF on the Concept 1865 electric assist bike as an exercise in advanced plastics construction. Some two dozen different polymers are used to create the bike, including the bearingless pedals and and solid, punctureproof tires using all of the technology of today to make a tire penny-farthing riders of more than a century ago would kill for. The 250 W motor is hidden inside the rear wheel, powered by a battery inside the removable seat. Disc brakes, carbon fiber, integrated lighting… great execution on this one. See more at www.ding3000.com


  1. Space Age Plastics Reinvent the 19th Century Penny-farthing | Techbait Tech NewsOctober 28, 2013 at 4:50 pm

    [...] Of course, the e-Velocipede is basically an opportunity for BASF to show off its portfolio of proprietary materials. Sure! Let’s make grips out of Elastofoam® I and a frame out of Baxxodur®! But beneath the absurdly-named materials and excess marketing is some real design insight about how metals might be replaced with lighter space age plastics in everyday products. Though maybe not the penny-farthing. [BASF via Urban Velo] [...]

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    [...] the future meets the past with this new e-Penny Farthing. And there was a time when Malibu actually encouraged people to bike there; as the photo suggests, [...]

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