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Detroit Cargo Fender Flaps and Hub Polishers


The finishing touch doesn’t always have to be expensive. Detroit Cargo can help you class it up for but $20 with either a fender flap or a pair of hub shiners. The flap extends the coverage of your front fender, helping to keep your feet and ankle dry from roadspray at speed. Hub shiners snap over the hub body and give it a thorough polishing over a few miles with that classic look from the balloon tire era. Die cut with burnished edges, each is available in stout, amber or lager colored leather.


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  1. FacemanJuly 12, 2013 at 1:59 pm

    Ha ha, those are hub shiners. I had no idea. I had a pair and just put them on for fun, added reflectors because they had a shiny piece to them. Anyway, I lost them after miles of riding. Good to know and learn.

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