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Defying Poverty With Bicycles

Defying_Poverty_-_front_coverI remember the few times I tried to start up various bicycle-based programs, only to watch them disappear as quickly as my motivation when the logistics of gaining momentum became more than I could handle. This new book, Defying Poverty With Bicycles: How to Succeed with Your Own Social Bike Business Program, was written to help organizers understand the processes necessary to initiate and then keep a bike program going.

The author, Sue Knaup, has over 36 years experience with both bikes and working for and leading not-for-profit organizations. She now heads up One Street, an international bicycle advocacy organization. From business concepts to fundraising to management skills, Knaup offers her expertise to all potential entrepreneurs.

The book is available online for $25, but can also be purchased directly through One Street Press for a 20% discount.

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