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Daisy Energy Bar

Daisy’s Grocery is based in Nagoya, Japan. Izumi Shimasaki bakes a variety of amazing breads, pies and other confections, and makes homemade sandwiches, curry and more. She also delivers by bike, though with the recent welcoming of their second child, it may very well be her husband Izuru who delivers.

DSC_0817The Daisy Energy Bar is made from real nuts and grains, with obvious attention to detail. It looks delicious and it is. And you can tell it’s healthy, not only because the label says so, but because it’s not overly sweet. And it’s not overly processed like many energy bars—you can taste the various individual ingredients.

Retail price is about 100 yen (roughly $1 USD) per bar. They’re pretty much only sold locally, so you’ll just have to go visit Nagoya to try one. Visit Daisy’s Grocery on Facebook or Tumblr.

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