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Cycle Underground Rings

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Fyxomatosis has taken over the full distribution of Cycle Underground chainrings, some of the better ones on the market from what I hear. Made in Australia out of 4 mm thick work hardended alumnium, the rings are individually CNC’d and are guaranteed to be perfectly round. 130 or 144 BCD rings are available for $60 each, with full custom rings (with choice of 12 chainring designs) available for $90. Black anodizing is $10 more. There are some oddball bolt patterns available, think of them for restoration projects or as a solution to those vintage cranks you got a great deal on.

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  1. MattyJune 4, 2013 at 1:39 am

    They’re great rings, I’ve got one for my daily commuter when I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted (1/8″, 4 x 104 BCD, 44T), and it’s done about 7000 km with no observable wear. it’s just a shame they have jacked up the prices – I paid about $30 less just 2 years ago when they were selling direct from the manufacturer.

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