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Crank Brothers Cobalt Lock-On Grips

Cobalt lock-on gripsTouted as one of the lightest dual-clamp lock on grips available, at just 65 g the Cobalt grips certainly don’t disappoint in the weight department. But honestly I could care less about their weight, my main concern is how comfortable they are. Admittedly, I was also rather preoccupied with how cool they would look on my bike, with their anodized red aluminum lock-rings.

I also have to admit that I once scoffed at foam grips, thinking that they were kind of cheesy and certainly not up to the task of serious bike riding.

Cobalt lock-on gripsI’m happy to report that they do hold up to serious riding. While they are quite plush, they also allow you to sink your fingers in for a solid grip. And they seem to work well with sweaty hands, even without gloves.

The grips measure 130 mm across, which should be wide enough for most people. Much of the construction is plastic, but the lock rings are anodized 6061 aluminum alloy. The bolts are of the T10 torx variety, and a wrench is included.

Available in blue, gold, silver and red, the Cobalt grips retail for $25. Check out www.crankbrothers.com

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  1. TomSeptember 10, 2012 at 4:16 pm

    How do you guys think they would hold up in the rain? I’ve ridden foam grips before and it seemed like they soaked water up like a sponge. I’d be willing tomgivemthese a try though.

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