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Crank Brothers Cobalt 2 Handlebar

When it comes to mountainbike handlebars, most urban cyclists only care that they feel good (with regard to width, rise and sweep) and that they won’t break. Weight is seldom a real concern so long as the price is right. So for many people, the ideal bar comes standard on entry level mountainbikes. They’re sturdy, heavy and aluminum—nothing wrong with that.

For those looking to lavish a bit more affection on their bike without going overboard, a handlebar like the Crank Brothers Cobalt 2 is worth a look. The Cobalt 2 handlebar is available in numerous configurations of flat or low-rise, with widths ranging from 600 to 720 mm. They’re only available for use with 31.8 clamp diameter stems, and you can have any color you want, as long as that color is black.

The major difference between the Cobalt 2 handlebar and entry level bars on the market is that the Cobalt 2 is made from 2014 aluminum alloy whereas most entry level bars are made from 6000-series aluminum alloy. In layman’s terms, 2000 series alloys are harder than 6000 series, though not quite as hard as 7000 series (though presumably not as expensive, either).

At 300+ grams, the Cobalt 2 bar isn’t setting any records for light weight, but at $50 it’s not exactly breaking the bank, either.

Check out www.crankbrothers.com

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