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Corey’s Stories – Step Aside When You Hear My Stomach Growl

This morning I worked out at the gym very early before work. I often get groceries afterward as the stores have fewer customers and the shelves are usually better stocked. There are two supermarkets along the way home. The nicer organic one across the street from the gym had yet to open when I left. My metabolism after this routine endeavor requires calories and lots of them.

Today, I craved something sweet and fatty like ice cream. I recently rode a double century and needed to replace some valuable nutrients expended. I recalled that Greg Lemond ate ice cream all the time during his career, earning world championship jerseys and Tours of France victories. I was getting a serious case of the hangries, angry because of hunger.

I inched past the cookies, staring at each whatever ounce bag of sweet deliciousness, believing them to be the worst option in my state.

I stood fixedly at the frozen food section, wondering when a half gallon of ice cream turned into 1.5 quart tubs. I became more angry. The ice cream flavor selection was limited to healthy stuff. (Healthy junk food? I know where the f%!# produce is! I already have an apple.) I wanted triple fudge brownie explosion with marshmallows, nuts and a million calories of sugar. Or something similar to it. Low fat, gelato and blandness all meekly stared blankly back from the other side of the frosty glass.

I was still hungry, getting even angrier. I wandered around the aisles like a tiger in a cage. Resigning, I knew what I had to do. I understood, sadly, after a lengthy deliberation where I had to go. I walked past the produce again to get a yogurt in the dairy section I ignored earlier because I wanted ICE CREAM!

I eventually chose a fancy blood orange with vanilla nonsense, putting it into the basket for later consumption at the lair. I got it because they, unlike other brands, sponsored some cycling event. I felt compelled to get that one rather than the one with the crunchy sugar bombs on top to be mixed upon opening.

This was my dilemma as I went food shopping. While I am very content with what I finally selected, I am aware this will not be the last struggle. The season from summer racing to winter cross to off-season working out lasts 10 months of the year.

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Corey started riding as a messenger in 1990, making him one of the old school veterans still working the grind. He got his beginning in Philadelphia and operated Vespid Couriers from 1998 - 2008, organized USA Cycling road races from 1996-2004, and had his hands in CMWC 2000, ESPI 2005 and NACCC 2006. An "accomplished" alleycat racer and fixture in the courier world, Corey currently rides at Elite Couriers in NYC and is sponsored by Bern Helmets, Boombotix, Ergon, Revolights, Abus, Rapha and Sealskinz and Tifosi Optics.

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