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Cleverhood Rain Cape

Rain capes certainly aren’t the coolest accessories out there, but showing up to your destination completely soaked isn’t very cool either. Not for racers, more for the slow-going commuter more concerned about comfort than speed, the Cleverhood rain cape promises to keep you as dry as possible while on the bike. The made in the USA Cleverhood features fully seam sealed polyester fabric and a combination of zippers, velcro and magnetic closures to keep water at bay. The hood fits under a helmet and doesn’t impede peripheral vision as much as looser fitting hoods can, and the cape is designed to be used either arms in or arms out depending on the amount of weather coverage you desire. Reflective bits help keep you seen, and a number of colors and patterns are available to choose from. See more at www.cleverhood.com


  1. Chris G.September 27, 2013 at 9:32 am

    I completely disagree re ponchos not being cool. I get positive comments about mine all the time while wearing it on and off my bike. Not only does it keep me dry from rain and sweat (the best ventilation), it keeps my bike and handlebars dry. It has become my all-situation, go-to rain gear. Rivendell, Brooks and Carradice have more retro and/or canvas versions but I like the Cleverhood because of the light material, reflectiveness, US made, and I bought it directly from the owner (a very nice woman) at the Bike New York Expo last year. I initially chose a solid pattern but my wife talked me into one of the cool plaid patterns. I am glad she did. My Cleverhood rolls up very nicely to slip into my messenger back or panniers. All the brands tend to be a bit expensive but worth every penny especially to us full time cyclists in IMHO.

  2. Mike Mc.September 27, 2013 at 11:30 am

    Way overpriced when I can get a PVC cape for $20.

    The breathable membrane fabric is completely superfluous given that it is a cape which is open to the air and does not allow moisture to build up.

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