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Chrome Citizen Night

Chrome has been at this messenger bag game for more than a minute or two, and in that time their Citizen buckle bag has become a classic. Best known for its iconic seatbelt buckle and bombproof construction, there are countless original Citizen bags in use around the world.

In the past year Chrome introduced the Citizen Night, a murdered out version of their venerable Citizen with an added twist—large reflective panels that are indistinguishable by daylight. Add to that the flat black version of their original seat belt buckle, and you’ve got one cool looking messenger bag. Not to mention one that seriously enhances nighttime safety.

Like the original, the Citizen Night measures 22” wide, 13” high, 7” deep and is made from 1000 denier nylon with an 18 oz truck tarp liner. The strap features EVA padding and there are enough pockets and organizing slots to keep your life in order. My one nit to pick is that I don’t like the way the cross strap comes up so high, feeling more like it’s in my armpit than across my ribs. But I deal with that just fine.

The Citizen Night is made in Chico, CA and retails for $160. Check out www.chromebagsstore.com

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