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Center For Appropriate Transport Waxed Canvas Rain Cape

Rain capes are one of the dorkier bike accessories out there, right up there with bar ends on bar ends and width extending devices. You’re going to need one if you ride around with an unsecured growler of beer in your basket, though I don’t know how dry anyone is going to stay without fenders. That said, there are people out there that swear by them and unlike other hacks this one is all about functionality. The Center For Appropriate Transport rain cape is based on the well loved Burley model of yesteryear, and now available with waxed canvas construction and custom options like fleece collar and pocket linings or an expandable back for people who regularly ride with a backpack. The people I’ve know to use rain capes have embraced the look, and report back that with proper fenders they stay dry in all but the worst conditions. The cape extends over the bars covering your legs from downward drops and acting as a giant poncho you can actually ride in. It’s inevitably going to act as a drag parachute in a headwind someday, but this is for the all weather commuter, not the Strava user. Available for about $100 with options adding onto that total, see more at CAT Oregon.

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