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Cat-Ears Cut Wind Noise, Keep Ears Warm

cat earsYou get all layered up to keep your lungs, limbs and digits warm, but then what do you do to keep that piercing cold wind from stinging your ears? Wear a beanie, or a toque? Wrap a scarf around your head, or ride with earmuffs?

“What’d you say? Turn right at the llama?” 

Developed by recreational cyclists in Boulder, Colorado, Cat-Ears were made to dampen and deflect the wind without cutting out all the important sounds we need to hear while riding. Wind noise can drown out other sounds such as traffic and speech, as can hats and scarves. It can also result in unpleasant ear pain and contribute to overall ride fatigue. Cat-Ears are made of an acrylic faux fur material and mimic actual cat’s ears, a method that is commonly used in the recording industry to reduce wind noise. The “ears” are fastened onto helmet straps with a velcro backing and come in a variety of colors.

Classic Cat-Ears are $15 for a set at www.cat-ears.com.

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