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Brompton Urban Challenge – Milano


Ah yes, those aged hipsters on Brompton’s, or at least the aged being so aged they now look like hipsters. Anyways, Brompton hosted an Urban Challenge in Milano complete with a folding contest, some sort of crashing into boxes finale and other tweedtastic camaraderie. It’s like alleycat culture for the retired. Nah, it actually looks like a good time, if clown bikes are your thing. I kid, I kid.

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  1. Michael McGettiganFebruary 11, 2013 at 8:39 am

    Geez, Scott, your resume shows a wide variety of bike experience.
    Your review of the Brompton Urban Challenge shows a truly narrow viewpoint:
    “… aging hipsters on Bromptons”
    “aged being so aged they now look like hipsters.”
    “tweedtastic camaraderie”
    “alleycat culture for the retired…”
    “… if clown bikes are your thing…”

    All this snark and negativity in just five sentences.
    And not even accurate; a close viewing of the film shows little tweed and lots of young, stylish Italians.

    Four Brompton dealers worked together to make a cool event that showcases city biking, put out a nice little video, and a magazine with the title Urban Velo lets a writer practice sarcasm … while adding less than zero to the conversation.

    Sometimes the bike culture is its own worst enemy.

    most sincerely,
    Michael McGettigan / Trophy Bikes North,

  2. EdApril 25, 2013 at 10:30 pm

    And you can bet Spitz wouldn’t like stereotyping of what ever far more cool cycling micro-culture he’s into. Like the tired cliche fixed/messenger culture he refers to in his fluff bio – about as non-conformist nowadays as eating at McDonald’s…

    Perhaps he hasn’t read the definition of “kidding “. Clue – it usually entails humor rather than a stab at fake a “lighten up it’s only a joke” sentiment after being snide. Typical provincial attitude of someone who only knows US bike culture and thinks it’s the center of the universe. Not sure where his hands have been, but his brain is certainly not well traveled!

  3. Michael McGettiganMay 9, 2014 at 2:20 pm

    Greetings — after that merciless slagging by SS above, you likely are all hoping to check out a Brompton Urban Challenge, ha!

    Well the good news is that Philadelphia is hosting a Brompton Weekend–May 31-June1–for young and old, hip and square, tweed or plaid.

    If you’ve got a Brompton, enjoy the Brompton Urban Challenge Philadelphia on Sat., May 31; next day June 1st take part in the famous Brommie Yummie ride. Both events wind up at a lovely local pub for drinks, snacks and dehydration.

    Get the lowdown at http://www.trophybikes.com/bucphl

    thanks for reading.
    — mcget / trophy bikes

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