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golf bikesI don’t trust a sport sedentary people can play. As an admitted golfer since the age of 9, golf is one of them. This issue is in no way helped by the general mode of getting from tee box to ball to green, by way of a golf cart. Sure, you could walk and carry your bags, but most golfers choose the luxury (and fun) of blasting around the course in a souped up bumper car for adults. Well, if you want a little bit of that mobility fun, coupled with a touch of exercise, you can have the best of both worlds in Scottsdale, Arizona where one course has outfitted it’s fleet with golf bikes. Each bike has a rack for bags that hold 14 clubs and wider tires to prevent course damage.

I love this idea, and wouldn’t be surprised if some users came to their senses and ditched the greens for the trails and took up mountain biking instead. I kid, I kid.

Via Golf Digest

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