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atlanticSorry…couldn’t resist. This article, from the Atlantic Online, is a response piece about femininity and cycling, where the author asked for submissions regarding cycling and masculinity, how they intersect and attitudes towards male cyclists. The responses are quite interesting and pretty amusing as well. A select few are pasted below. Read them all in the link above.

‘Are you aware that it’s common to try to insult men cycling in spandex by calling them gay?’ –
— DaveS, @darsal, on Twitter

‘One thing: When I ride a bike, I feel like I need to catch the person in front of me. Competition is in the background. Always. Not crazy competitive. But a sort of …. goal!’
— Clarence Eckerson, Streetfilms

As for Lycra… no comment.’
— Noel Hidalgo, Brooklyn, New York

‘For me, cycling=self-sufficiency, which is about as traditionally “masculine” a concept as there is in this country.’
— Sam Berkowitz, @SKBerko, on Twitter

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