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The rest of the country probably doesn’t have this concern, but in densely packed New York City there is a need for enough open space to allow novice bike riders to develop their bike skills. Most of us probably learned to ride on our sparsely trafficked neighborhood streets, empty parking lots or barren parks, but NYC obviously lacks every one one of these. According to this New York Times article, starting next month there will be a designated space in West Manhattan for newbs to learn how to ride a bike without the fear of getting flattened by a car, truck or other cyclists. In addition to the breathing room Bike New York, a local advocacy group, will also conduct lessons and camps for beginners all free of charge. With the bike sharing program coming to NYC soon, an influx of new riders is expected and this practice space might become more important than initially perceived. Good Luck new riders! (You’re gonna need it in NYC)

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