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Bike Photos from the Inauguration

Andy Singer is at the inauguration on assignment for The Funny Times. He’s been snapping photos of cyclists in D.C., and sent us a handful with this to say:

Day 2
In addition to people selling merchandise, there were lots of people selling services of one kind or another. Two enterprising bicycle enthusiasts from Colorado had come to Washington with a couple of pedal-powered taxis and were giving people rides. After the inauguration, they planned to take their pedicabs down to Tampa for the Superbowl.

Day 3
From the free concert at Lincoln Memorial
At the end of the show, the hundreds of thousands of people calmly dispersed, northward into DC, filling the streets. It was a great preview for the coming inauguration, and gave me (an alternative transportation activist) a nice glimpse of what a car-free Washington DC would look like. There were pedal-powered taxis and bicyclists everywhere and the DC metro system, operating on a ramped up rush-hour schedule was able to seamlessly take all these people back home. I walked 10 or 15 blocks east to the “Metro Center” station stop and I didn’t even have to wait for a train.

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