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Bike Index Theft Prevention Registration Service

Unknown There are a few bike registration services out there, but I’ve not seen anything quite like Bike Index. A free service that couldn’t be easier to use, Bike Index allows you to register your bikes into a searchable database, helping to match bikes with owners. Buyers can easily see if the bike they’re interested in is already registered, riders can easily prove ownership of a recovered bike. You can also securely register your lock key serial numbers for easy retrieval in case you lose your keyring along the way. Bike Index is relatively new, having recently reached a crowdsourced funding goal, but has a growing list of partner organizations and bike shops already using the service. Definitely worth a look, and whether or not you use Bike Index it’s a great idea to take photographs and log serial numbers of your bicycles in case of theft so you can claim them if they are found, or make an insurance claim if your bikes are covered under a homeowners or renters policy, or one of the growing number of bicycle specific insurance policies out there.

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