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DRiKASEIt’s become almost embarrassing that I spend so much time staring at my iPhone. But I swear that I’m not just playing Angry Birds and posting my lunch on Instagram. Having a smart phone puts an unfathomable amount of information and incredibly versatile communication at your fingertips. There are times when you may want to have better access to your mobile device while riding your bike, especially with all of the available navigation and tracking apps available. Enter the DRiKASE.

The DRiKASE is a simple yet well-executed design that holds your smart phone on top of your stem. It features urethane and nylon construction, and it seals and attaches via Velcro fasteners. There’s a small pad attached to the fastener, and another removable pad inside to further protect your smart phone from shock and vibrations. The inside pad is removable so that you can still fit many phones, even with a protective case such as an Otter Box. It’s just a hair too small for a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to fit (though an XL version is in the works that will fit larger phones). The DRiKASE is claimed to be “nearly waterproof” and I imagine it would take a storm of biblical proportion for rain to get inside.

DSC_8552Despite my fears, the DRiKASE held my phone safely and securely, even on rough city streets. I didn’t think such thin pads would provide so much shock resistance, but they seem to do an admirable job. I don’t envision using this for every ride, but I’ll definitely feel comfortable using it when I’m looking for a specific address or riding in another city. It’s also nice to note that the mounting strap is removable, so you can use the DRiKASE on or off the bike.

The urethane window not only allows you to see your phone, you’re completely able to operate the touch screen. I was impressed at how little it interferes. It does create an additional glare in some situations, but that’s understandable.

The DRiKASE retails for $30. Check out www.alt-gear.com

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  1. Mike SnyderJuly 1, 2013 at 7:53 pm

    I’ve had this case for about five months and can say it fits snugly w/o bouncing, includes a small moveable shim/cushion that keeps it from rubbing my phone raw. I strictly mountain bike so I need a case that can withstand the dust, heat, and impacts that occur during my rides. The window to operate my phone works great no matter if it’s hot or cold out. The velcro is strong and trustworthy and it fits my stem and holds my phone as they were made for each other.

    This is a fantastic product as I’ve tried many others that have not held up as well.

  2. satish kumar GSOctober 16, 2014 at 3:53 am

    I am using this case and am happy with it. It protected my Motorola MOTOG from rain and bike wash

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