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Bicycle Belts Review

There’s no shortage of people repurposing and recycling bicycle parts. And that’s a good thing. Not only does it bode well for our environment, it says something positive about cyclists—that there’s a lot of good, creative people in our community. One of those people is Tom Hellmann of Tallahassee, FL. Tom is a firefighter and an avid cyclist, and one day he made himself a belt out of a used tire. He made a few more and now he’s set up an online shop.

The belts are made from a variety of tires—road, cross, commuter, mountain—and come in widths ranging from 1 to 1.5″. He makes all of his belts “one size fits all” at 50″ in length with holes punched punched for 31″ to 36″ waists. Customers can trim the belt down to size and punch additional holes as needed.

Tom typically uses the printed portion of the sidewall (aka the hot patch) for the loop, which is a nice finishing touch. The tire bead gives the loop additional rigidity which makes it easy to get the belt on and off. The construction and craftsmanship seem spot on, and I can’t really imagine a better material for a belt. I mean, if you consider the abuse a bicycle tire is designed to withstand, it’s quite likely that this belt will last a lifetime.

Belts retail for $25 including free shipping in the US. Custom belts are also available. Check out www.bicyclebelts.com.

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