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My 5-year-old son is infatuated with all things outer space and has brought the wonder and awe of the universe back into my consciousness. I only wish this interest had been integral in my life much earlier on and I wonder why our education systems have relegated the subject of astronomy to the sidelines. Fortunately, there seems to be a renewed interest in astronomy with a number of new discoveries made by scientists and the fledgling space program, but there needs to be greater accessibility of this information to the greater public and the Bicycle Astronomy kickstarter project exists to do just that.

Doug Reilly is collecting funds for a cargo bike that will be equipped with a transportable telescope in order to hold public astronomy events around the Geneva, New York area. The events will be held in high-traffic areas and public parks where the astronomy events will be available free of charge to the public, regardless of normal social barriers.

As is standard, donors will receive various rewards according to the amount donated. Some of those rewards are t-shirts, letterpress posters, and even have a moon named after you! Reilly looks to be on the cusp of having his project funded, but feel free to push it over the edge.

More information here.

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