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Banjo Brothers Pocket Cycling Wallet

Not every problem requires an expensive solution. For years a plastic baggie has worked quite well to keep my phone protected from sweat and rain on long rides, but a grocery store zip-lock is far from perfect. Easily punctured and not the best shape for storing a phone and couple of bucks, it also doesn’t work to prevent a key or change from damaging delicate glass and plastic phones. The Banjo Brothers pocket cycling wallet is an affordable solution at a mere $6, providing a water resistant pouch for your phone on one side with two pockets on the reverse sized for an ID and a key or two and a few dollars all accessed through the same full length zipper. The clear window is touch screen compatible, and the bag itself is contructed of waterproof materials though it isn’t seam sealed for total immersion, nor is the zipper a fancy waterproof one. Perfect for putting into a jersey pocket or bag and not worrying about it in anything but a full on downpour, I’ve been using the wallet for a couple of months without much to note other than finding it incredibly handy. I run my phone without a case, and this provides just enough protection to drop my phone in my bag, use it with wet hands or fumble it into the dirt trailside. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAdd your own carabiner to the loop and clip it to your jersey or inside of you bag for even more security. The wallet fits a phone and case up to 5.75 x 2.75 inches, so it should work with everything but the largest smartphones or oldest dumbphones on the market. See more or order direct at www.banjobrothers.com

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