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Animated Bicycle Rentals

Experiments in Bicycle Flow Animation from Jo Wood on Vimeo.

Oh man, this is just beautiful and mesmerizing, and, relatively valuable. What is it? It’s data in visual form, specifically bike trips recorded from the Barclay’s bike rental system in Central London over an entire year. The information was compiled and converted into an animation that, after a few small adjustments made for travel time, patterns began to emerge so the viewer could tell which stations are being used the most and where riders are traveling. Overall though, it’s just beautiful to watch. Look closely and you can see one of the paths of travel stop abruptly, that’s me getting my rental stolen on vacation (not really).

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  1. Silvia FelicianoOctober 19, 2012 at 2:12 pm

    Hi There Scott Spitz,
    Very interesting, Does anybody understand, or may think of how numerous times in other films. The scene for E.T.. Whenever they are flying from the air by the Moon, is copied or referenced? I really watched this modern animated film Planet 51. And they only did the scene.Flying through the air inside the bike seat.Then thought, how I’ve watched that completed inside numerous different movies.

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