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Angry Bird vs Cyclist

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Does flipping the bird to an angry bird work to repel aerial attacks on the way home from work?

Now most Australian kids have had a bad childhood magpie experience and a national survey has confirmed that 90% of males and 72% of females have been attacked at some time in their lives. And for some reason, nearly half of all magpie attacks are aimed squarely at cyclists.

So what can we do to stop them?

We do know that magpies swoop from behind and have learnt not to attack helmets. They go the side swoop for the ears and even go for your eyes if you turn at the wrong time.

So wearing sunglasses and ear warmers are a pretty good start. Or riding with people who are slower than you gives safety in numbers.

But we had one other idea that we wanted to try. We decided to flip the bird.

See more at White Line Fever.

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