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All-City Thunderdome

thunderdome The All-City Thunderdome is now available for order from your local dealer. Meant as a more competition style frameset, the Thunderdome will no doubt find a home on the streets under people who love the rigid feel of an aluminum frameset. Reminiscient of the oversized round tubes of the mostly long gone ’90s Cannondale track bikes, the frame is a departure from some of the modern aluminum aero framesets on the market. The frame and drilled-for-a-brake carbon track fork has an MSRP of $650, and comes in whatever color black you’d like. The Thunderdome is based on the Big Block geometry, just changed up for a shorter axle to crown fork. I reviewed the Big Block two years back and came away impressed, I’d imagine the Thunderdome to be just as a nice, albeit a stiffer and less forgiving, ride. Can’t wait to throw a leg over one.

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