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The group Transportation Nation in New York has begun a mapping project where they’ve asked participants to send photos and locations of abandoned bikes around the city. To be qualified as an abandoned bike, they must meet a certain criteria, but once met they are to be removed by the city. Transportation Nation is submitting the images and locations to the city for removal and will be tracking them to see how many get taken away. This seems like quite an endeavor, but judging by some of the photos, a much needed service.

In my own hometown, where bike rack space is much more sparse, a local bike shop started locking unrideable bikes with their advertising signs on them to promote their shop. After unheeded suggestions to remove them, they started getting cut clandestinely before the shop took measures to remove the bikes on their own. That was a very temporary incident in my town, but it looks to be a much more widespread blight in New York. That mapping visual is intense! I could see a lot of heavily populated cities using a good abandoned bike purging. We all need the parking space!

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