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A Mood Ring for Your Helmet Head

Here’s a little Monday absurdity for the start of your work week. A huge nerd computer programmer from MIT created a helmet that signals to other road users, namely drivers, but it doesn’t signal which direction you’re turning, it signals what sort of mood you are currently in so no one messes with you….or gives them the “green light” to take you out. The helmet uses sensors that register 10 distinct brainwaves, which become color coded through an LED strip inside the helmet, displaying to others whether you are calm (hit me..I won’t fight back!), in a panic (Caution! Liable to swerve!), or anxious (Go ahead, honk at me…I’ll kill you.) among others. This is, obviously, more the experimentation of a bored techno-cyclist than a practical commuting accessory, since how would drivers even know what the colored lights signify? Maybe it has more application if your brainwaves create lighted mood messages like, “EZ Does It”, “Bell Broken, Watch For Finger”, or “Protected By Smith And Wesson”. You know..just a suggestion.

Via Wired.

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