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Temporary Bike Tattoos

Temporary tattoos aren’t something I’ve given much thought to since I was a kid, but perhaps the sleeved parents out there or people really trying to decorate themselves silly for a group ride have an outlet for the bike collection from Tattly. At $5 a pair and free to remove it’s certainly more economical than […]

Bicycle Tattoos

We asked our friends on MySpace to send us their bike tattoo photos. Here’s what people sent us…

SSCXWC 2013 Photo Gallery

Following a weekend of debauchery including some bike riding, the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships went off this past Sunday in Philadelphia. Qualifiers for spots in the men’s and women’s race categories included the previous day’s Bilenky Junkyard Cross, a locals led “feats of strength” ride, or last-chance goldsprints. The football fans in the audience […]

Talloween 8

Talloween is coming to Tallahassee again, October 20th with $8 race registration and $8 race tattoos if you want to mark yourself for posterity.

ESPN Reports on Bike Polo

ESPN recently covered the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship in Madison, WI. This little-known sport is an incredibly distant relative of horse polo — but without any of the gentility. Cut-offs and T-shirts replace the more formal riding pants and tails; merciless hecklers serve as fans; worn asphalt tennis courts replace finely manicured polo […]


Rebel8 is a streetwear company from San Francisco with deep roots in the world of graffiti, tattoos, skateboarding and BMX. They sold their first batch of t-shirts out of a messenger bag around the city, and since then have gone on to achieve considerable notoriety. Artist Mike Giant’s bio says that most days he, “rides […]

Lord of Griffith Fixed Crit

Los Angeles has the Lord of Griffith fixed crit coming up on the afternoon of September 19th, three laps no waiting. The afterparty promises a ton of prizes, a full bar and tattoos — all the makings of a memorable evening.

Pedal Poker Run, August 1 in Ann Arbor

August 1st in Ann Arbor, MI brings the Pedal Poker Run presented by Jimmy Rigged. Go to the checkpoints and pick up cards, best hand wins. Within a given time limit you have the chance to throw back a card and get a new one dealt, assuming you can make it to a checkpoint and […]