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529 Garage – Bike Registry

02_529_garage_stickersCyclist software generator, 529 Garage, have just released a web and mobile bike registration and recovery service. In addition to the system of registration developed with law enforcement, they also offer a number of other services to keep your bike secure…or easier to track and find should you find yourself on the wrong end of the bolt cutters. For $10 you can register one bike ($25 for 4) which gets you a tamper proof sticker and connected to the database of users who you can call on for help. The app contains an alert button to notify all users of the system for help in tracking down your bike and allows you to print “stolen bike” posters to hang around town, among other amenities.

Whether you see a personal need for the registration system, they are also asking for the bike community to sign their petition to Craigslist and eBay requiring sellers to provide a serial number for all bikes sold. No serial number, no sale, thereby preventing stolen bikes from being sold online, which is one of the main avenues for moving jacked rides.

Developed in conjunction with several law enforcement agencies, the 529 Garage allows you to easily and securely register your bike in just minutes, complete with images and all the necessary details law enforcement requires to expedite the recovery process. Beyond this detailed registration, the 529 Garage includes the ability to broadcast a “Missing Bike Bulletin” to all members in the area should a member’s bike get stolen. The Missing Bike Bulletin will include images and details to help the community and law enforcement quickly identify and recover the stolen bike. Additionally, a detailed report is generated that can be passed onto a victim’s insurance company to help expedite a claim report.

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