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Riding to the Beat of a Different Drum

Haley TrikesStephen Horcha had an interesting dilemma. He wanted to pedal his drum set around town, but no basket bike or messenger bag was going to get the job done. So he built himself a cargo trike. And then he went ahead and started a company—Haley Tricycles. According to the website, “Haley Trikes’ cargo boxes are designed to perfectly hold a four-piece Pacific FS drum set, with the bass drum strapped to the lid.”

Trikes start at $930, and there are discounts available for students, musicians and artists. Check out www.haleytrikes.com for more info, pricing, photos and videos of the trikes in action.

Denver Gang Bang Recap

Cycle JerksJen and Juice over at Cycle Jerks are just now recovering from their weekend long Gang Bang. Jen was kind enough to answer a few questions about the event…

What was the hardest part about putting on a weekend long bike event?
No sleep! When I was tallying up the scores at the end of the race at 7am I was so delirious I went into a crazed laughing fit and couldn’t stop.

What was the most unexpected thing that happened?
Cops were super cool! We had over 100 people outside of this bar all dressed up and with bikes, the cops came up and asked what we were doing. When we said scavenger hunt they were like “Nice! What kind of stuff do you need to get?!” One of the things people had to collect was a rubbing of a cops badge and they were really nice about it, one even made a xerox of his middle finger for the “xerox something bad” item for one team. Read more →

Look Out NYC – Urban Velo @ The Bicycle Film Festival

Bicycle Film FestivalWe’re no GG Allin and The Jabbers, but the Urban Velo crew is headed to NYC for the Bicycle Film Festival. Keep an eye out for Brad, Jeff and Tim Z.

We plan on hitting up as many cool events as possible, and checking out a ton of bike films. Say hi and get yourself an Urban Velo sticker (if we don’t run out of them on the first night).

Click here for photos from last year’s festival, or click here for a brief recap.

Oregon Manifest Handmade Bike Show Announced

oregon manifestAccording to a story on Bicycle Retailer’s website, the Oregon Manifest Handmade Bike Show will be October 10-12, 2008 in Portland. The show will not only showcase framebuilders, but bike culture and cross racing as well.

Visit www.oregonmanifest.com for more information.

Philadelphia Tops Bike Theft List

According to the Kryptonite blog, Philadelphia reigns supreme as the top bike theft city.

1. Philadelphia, PA
2. Chicago, IL
3. New York City, NY
4. San Francisco, CA
5. Tucson, AZ (tie)
Portland, OR (tie)
7. Denver, CO
8. New Haven, CT
9. Cambridge, MA
10. Austin, TX

B-B-B-Bad to the Bone

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I had one of those moments a few days ago. You know the kind – when you’ve just seen something so wonderful that you had do to a double-take just to make sure that you were seeing correctly. I was (driving) down Highway 1 in Pacifica, California when I spotted this guy. I pulled over at the next intersection and waited for him to catch up. Turns out that he was cycling from Oakland to Santa Cruz to deliver a the bike that you see  :: mounted on a bike rack/tray on the side of the bike :: to a buddy. This guy is a mechanic at an Oakland shop, and apparently knows the Broakland Bicycle guys. The distance from Oakland to Santa Cruz is a healthy 70-75 miles – almost all of it in traffic.

Check out this guy’s bike: coffee cup on seat post, fenders, lights, Xtracycle attachment , front basket. If you look closely, you’ll also see panniers.

:: Cue George Thorogood ::

Atlanta Alleycat to Benefit Community Arts

WonderRoot, a non-profit organization established and based in Atlanta, is celebrating its grand opening with an alleycat on Saturday, May 31st. The festivities also include musical performances by Nana Grizol and the Atlanta Sedition Orchestra. Visit www.wonderroot.org for more information.

Salsa Chainrings

Salsa Cycles may be best known for their chromoly stems and various frames, but they also make a fairly deep line of components and accessories. As far as I’m concerned, they make some of the finest no-frills replacement chainrings around. For a number of years now I’ve used Salsa rings on most of my singlespeed bikes, and a quick count shows a half-dozen of them currently in service on one bicycle or another.

Due to their lack of ramps, pins or cut down teeth, these rings are best left for singlespeed drivetrains though one can certainly shift across them just not as quickly or smoothly as ramped and pinned varieties. The rings are cnc machined from 7075-T6 aluminum to apparently very tight tolerances, as I’ve always found Salsa rings to be round with a proper fit on chainring spiders yielding consistent chain tension. After countless miles I’ve not had a ring warp and can’t say I’ve otherwise found a flaw in a Salsa chainring.

Available in most common road and mountain bolt patterns and tooth counts for less then $30 at just about every bike shop in the land, these rings make a solid choice for revamping a drivetrain.

It’s Sunday, Enjoy Some BMX Videos

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If you liked this, there are more videos on the Macneil BMX blog.

One Theory on Why Nishiki Went Out of Business

Nishiki Magazine AdPerhaps magazine ads like the one pictured to the left were in part responsible for the Japanese bike brand’s untimely demise…

Image courtesy of the MTBR photo caption contest.

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