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YNOT Cycle Pannier

YNOT Cycle is a small manufacturer based out of Toronto, and when a couple of friends rolled through on a recent tour I couldn’t help but notice a pair of prototype YNOT panniers on the bike in my living room. Based on YNOT’s Gulper backpack, the panniers bring a certain messenger bag construction and aesthetic to commuting and touring. The Cordura outer with a floating inner liner and a roll-top closure provides a all-but-submersible level of waterproofing, with a few outside pockets lending further organization without compromising the roll-top capacity. I’ve always been a fan of roll-top bags, especially for touring where you may find yourself overstuffing them on a grocery or supply run. I find at least one waterproof bag for clothing and any electronics key for all weather riding, and the Macbook Pro making the Buffalo, NY to Austin, TX trip is ample evidence that Charlie is confident in the YNOT bag keeping rain under control. “I was quick to find out that it takes a few days of packing and repacking and well more repacking to figure out just the right mix of equipment per pannier. Now after having that all figured out I have been able to use the outside pockets to hold my daily food ration, essential tools, and most importantly my phone charger. These easily can carry upwards of 30 pounds per pack, but I would highly discourage you from ever carrying that much. That much weight can make the smallest hill seem like Everest.” No pricing or official on-sale date yet, but I’d expect them to be around the same $200 each mark as the Gulper backpack. See other YNOT products at www.ynotcycle.com


  1. RichJuly 24, 2012 at 8:43 pm

    I just picked up a YNOT Tuck & Roll from their shop here in Toronto, and love it. Great folks — and small is the word for it, I think there’s five of them total or so and I met them all!

  2. TonyAugust 7, 2014 at 10:58 pm

    These bags have traveled a lot through the last 2 years. Now we think they are better then even but we need your help. The New YNOT Cycle Pan Yay! can be found on kickstart. Here

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