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Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Race Training Tips

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The Crash Race is coming up – are you ready? Our ace contributor Krista Carlson wrote about the Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Race in Urban Velo #31, and is back today with a few tips from preivous top finishers for people getting ready for the 2013 event.

The 2013 Marathon Crash Race is less than two months away. March 17 is the day of reckoning. Got your sights set on a pair of priceless Wolfpack Hustle dog tags? Here’s a few training and racing tips from some of the previous year’s top finishers will put you in the running.

Lynn Kennedy recommends going on as many fast-paced group rides as possible. “And try to get a lot of miles in. I’ve found that riding in groups is very helpful because the faster riders will push you to go faster.” Kennedy finished 1st fixed female in 2011. In 2012, she broke her elbow weeks before the race.

“To get ready this year I have made changes in my diet to eat healthier, like more fruits & veggies, staying away from greasy foods, avoiding alcohol as much as possible, and drinking more water. Other than the change in diet I am going to try to ride as much as I can for the next 7 weeks. I am trying to go for a 2nd set of dog tags this year. It has been difficult after coming back from my injury. I feel like I am starting from scratch.”

Evan Stade, 2012’s 2nd geared male, offers this simple tip for training: “Take however many miles you’re riding per week, and double it.”

“Make sure you get in some rides that are actually longer than the race distance so your body will be more prepared for the distance and intensity of the actual race,” recommends 2012’s first fixed female, Kapri Gonzales. When racing, she says: “Make sure you keep yourself in a good position in the peloton to stay safe and try to avoid the crashes!”

“Stay on someone’s wheel as long as you can,” says Sam Bell. “Let someone else do the work while you just sit back and keep pedaling. If they move or do something sketchy find another wheel to jump up as soon as possible.”

Bell, who finished 2nd geared female in 2012, recommends getting in some crit races beforehand. “That is really the best training you can do.”

“Ride as much as you can–comfort is key, ” says Willo Juarez, who finished 1st fixed in 2012. “My goal is to have a back to back win! Two chains would be great. But the most important thing about it for me is to stop them from leaving CA.”

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