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Wolfpack Hustle 6th Street Drag Race to Round Off the Unified Title Series

wph drag race reg_CRegistration for the Midnight Drag Race opens this weekend, open to 300. Single speed only, fixed or free. The Drag Race is the third and final race of the Unified Titles Series.

Competitors have been accumulating points since the Crash Race in March, and the race will be the decider, worth the most (30 points) of the three. Jo Celso and Evan Stade are at the top of leader board currently, but there are still potentially 10 women and 19 men that have a chance at taking the first Unified Series title.

“The two guys gunning hardest for the title are Craig Streit and Evan Stade. On the womens side Beatriz Rodriguez will be coming back for her 6th set of Dog Tags and 5th set at the drag races,” Ward says. ”Neither of the top points holders are particularly good with sprinting,” Ward says, “so this is up in the air.”

This year the race will take place on the 6th Street Bridge rather than within the 2nd Street tunnel, but will retain its distance of 1,000 feet. The Drag Race has alternated between these two iconic locations over the years.

“I chose the bridge because it’s going to get torn down in a few years and replaced,” says Ward. “I also chose the bridge because the view is absolutely beautiful and we raced their in 2007. No permits of course, back then. We were so cavalier.”

Registration, standings and more information at www.wolfpackhustle.com

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