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Wolfpack Hustle 6th Street Drag Race 2013

Wolfpack Hustle – The 6th Street Drag Race from Rafael Hernandez on Vimeo.

The 6th Street Drag Race was the final event of the Wolfpack Hustle Unified Title Series, which has tied together the years-running Marathon Crash and Drag races and added another format—the criterium—to present a challenging set of races open to anyone who dares.

Set on the 6th Street bridge that connects Downtown to East L.A., the 1000-foot sprint race unfolded against an enchanting backdrop as the sun set behind the skyline of the city center and the electric glow of illuminated high rises twinkled past the archways above the historic bridge.

The scene at the bridge on Saturday was a world apart from past drag races held at the very same spot. Where a ragtag group once gathered in cutoffs and T-shirts to hold sprints between the sparse late-night traffic, now hundreds of cyclists gathered in a pop-up bike village that took over the full length of bridge, with city-issued barriers flanking each end of the bridge. This year the crowd was rife with jerseys and chamois shorts, and made up of a large swath of the city’s bike community: shops, organizations, racing clubs, and a volunteer crew that outnumbered the cadre of racers that had been out for the first drag race just a few years ago. Of course, it wasn’t just L.A. in the house (or on the bridge) on Saturday; there were scores of racers from the Southwest and farther reaches out to get another taste of the L.A. streets.

A big event is rarely without its hiccups, and bike time had its way with this one. But do we really ever want nights like this to come to an end? Take a look at this photo set of the night from Mikey Wally and then answer that question.

Congratulations to Nate Koch and Shelby Walter, who out-sprinted a bridge teeming with pedal-smashing adrenaline, and to Edgar “Willo” Juarez and Jo Celso, whose performance throughout the series earned them each the highly coveted and first-of-their-kind Unified Title Series dog tags.

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