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Week in Biking: Shoes, tires, lights, and a blast from the past

The wheels on the bike go ’round and round’…school is in session, and we’ve got a history lesson for you from Jim Dunne. Dunne tells how it was in the messenger heyday of the 1980′s in his detailed essay Bike, Bag and Lock.

  • Back in present time, we’ve got new goods for you to get acquainted with: Panaracer’s latest tread, the Gravelking, and a new casual sneaker from SIDI, along with a review of the Trelock LS 950, a super-commuter headlight with a built-in power meter and five output settings.
  • Do you wear headphones while you ride? Is it legal in your state? Find out in our latest cycling legalese column, Riding With Music.
  • Next up in the wonderful world of bikes & music is Bespoken, embracing the bicycle’s potential as a musical instrument.
  • And for our last lesson of the week, watch and learn how Velocity rims get made in good ol’ Jacksonville, Florida in 66 Seconds With Velocity.
  • And now for a little bit o’ eye candy from Via Bicycle:



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