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Wedding Tragedy Into Cycling Triumph

This is just awesome on so many levels.

My wife, a professional photographer, and myself paid close attention to this story right after it happened as we had been in similar situations, even at the same wedding venue. We were relieved it was no one we had worked with. Regardless, a wedding party was involved in a crash while being transported to a photo shoot via shuttle bus. The driver ran a red, collided with another car and the best man was killed, while 14 others, including the groom, were seriously injured. The wedding was carried out at the hospital.

It turns out the groom is a competitive cyclist who has won “several national championships”, and after the lawsuit against the event center was settled, the newlyweds pledged $25,000 of their settlement to a non-profit called Nine13sports. Nine13sports works to battle childhood obesity by setting up programs for kids where they ride stationary bikes hooked up to a computer program and monitor that simulates challenging bike courses. The group ultimately hopes to raise $225,000 to allow them to continue the program for the next 2 years.

You can learn more about Nine13sports and donate to the program here.

Via Indystar.

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