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Well, I guess when you lose a highly publicized court case against a corporate bicycle company you must resort to Kickstarter to fund your projects. Granted, they got off with only having to pay a buck, but that doesn’t mean they had a mound of money to work with. Anyways, the guys from Volagi have expanded their bike production to include a second concept ride that is applicable to typical road riding, but also holds its own on dirt trails and the path less traveled. I suppose you could classify this as a cross bike, but it seems to be more of an extra sturdy road bike than a cross specific ride. Made from steel, the Viaje is designed with their controversial Long Bow Flex Stay, disc brakes and enough clearance for burly tires with fenders included. It’s a beautiful bike for sure and they are halfway to their goal, but with only 2 days left. Incentives range from water bottles to complete bikes with a base price of $1,900 for a complete setup.

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