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velosurance This is the third post about bicycle specific insurance in recent memory – a good step towards legitimizing cycling beyond recreation in the minds of many. While home owner’s, renters and/or auto insurance may cover theft, liability or medical costs on your bike it can be a hell of a bureucratic fight in some cases, and even a minor claim can make your premiums jump for years to come. Velosurance is a new company out of Fort Lauderdale FL, founded by a pair of cyclists looking for a better insurance solution for their needs. Each policy is tuned to the customer and can cover theft, traffic collision, fire, vandalism or a single-rider accident along with liability and medical coverage for both rider and others. Roadside assistance even. Find out more and get a quote at www.velosurance.com

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  1. Logan KeithNovember 24, 2013 at 8:45 pm

    I’ M looking for bicycle insurance.

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