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Paris—City of Bikes

With over two million people and 230 miles of bike lanes, Paris is among the world’s biggest bike-friendly cities. This summer, the City of Paris launched a new self-serve bicycle rental program called Velib. Still under construction, Vélib’ is three quarters of the way towards their goal of 20,600 bicycles distributed amongst 1,451 stations. Users pay for every ride, but most trips average well under one Euro.

And check out the bike! Internal brakes and gearing, full fenders, lights, basket and a chainguard.

Visit www.velib.paris.fr for more details. (The website is in French only, but you could give Google Translate a try.) Update: Click here to read David Hoffman’s article from issue #8.

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  1. Maître HumoguronbucOctober 4, 2007 at 3:17 am

    As an ex Paris cyclist and bike messenger and nowadays Madrid cyclist, let me comment upon the issue.
    As I’m now living in Spain I am always surprised by the ever increasing use of bike in my hometown. The last surprise being delivered this summer when I discovered the whole Velib scheme. The city now looks like Amsterdam – at least, coming from almost bike-free Madrid… Yet it seems that if the idea was good from the start, the simple fact of beginning the program during summer (for practical construction purposes I suppose, since they are taking away a whole lot of parking space) has turned the cycling population into a chaotic mass. Briefly speaking : a lot of unexperienced people on bikes swarming the city. It’s always a pleasure to see more people riding than actually driving but I am not sure if they are doing us a favor in terms of image. Yet, as my friends say : “Just wait until november comes and everything will come back to nornal”.
    Anyway I miss the city a lot and seeing the huge amount of riders each time I go there always make my heart ache : long live riding in the city !

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