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Urban Velo Wants You To Contribute

contribute420Urban Velo wants you to contribute. Show off your hometown, share your images, help report on urban cycling culture.

Writers: Urban Velo is always looking for new voices and perspectives to bring to the pages and report on news and trends in urban cycling. From feature length news stories and signature event reports, to cycling controversy and rider profiles we’re looking for fresh ideas and writers. Look through our free archive of Urban Velo back issues, get in contact with a pitch or story draft with brad@urbanvelo.org

Photographers: There are a lot of great photographers documenting cycling culture, and we’d like to feature your work. Every issue features a 5-page gallery — sometimes a particular event, other times a collection showing off selections spanning years of work. News and event photography can find an outlet with online galleries and in print features, especially if paired with a story pitch. We’re always looking for a stunning cover image. Email brad@urbanvelo.org with your gallery samples and ideas.

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  1. Chainlinks: Best of the Bike Web, August 28, 2014 - Trail & TarmacSeptember 11, 2014 at 10:07 am

    [...] You should write for us. (Did you catch Shawn’s write-up of his favorite San Diego ride?) But you should also write for Urban Velo. [...]

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