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Torch Helmets Shipped

17e5927a4fa9c181a0257dc852c960de_largeKickstarter funded, Torch Apparel, have shipped out the first batch of LED lit T1 helmets after a long period of product testing, production delays and other unexpected tangles of red tape. As they explain in this recent blog post, the initial shipment is smaller than hoped for and a further delay from the factory will have the next shipment going out in late March…but at least they are on the way!

The T1 helmets are set apart from most other models by their rear and front facing LED lighting capabilities, which can be activated independently by the user. They also house 8 vents, a dual-adjust fit system and can be recharged via USB.

I have contributed to only a couple Kickstarters and although I didn’t purchase a T1 helmet, I did throw in for the corresponding LED lit FLUX backpack, which I have word from Torch will be available sometime this Spring.

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