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Thomson MTB Titanium Handlebar

Thomson Titanium Handlebar

I will admit, a $250 titanium handlebar is a bit extravagant. It’s not to say that it’s just for show, though. Titanium is an amazing material—it naturally resists corrosion, flexes more than aluminum (thus it’s better for vibration damping) yet weighs less than steel. Were it not so expensive, more bicycle frames and components would utilize titanium, but in addition to the raw materials cost, but there are additional expenses incurred in working with it.

Thomson Titanium HandlebarFor those sitting there with sticker shock, consider that high-end road bike handlebars routinely cost $300 or more, and top of the line time-trial bars eclipse the $800 mark.

Thomson Titanium HandlebarThe Thomson bar is made from 6.4 titanium alloy (90% titanium, 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium) and undergoes a 34 hour annealing process. It’s both butted and swaged. It’s finished by simply brushing the surface.

Thomson makes some competitively light carbon fiber handlebars, so they took a different route with the titanium flat bar. At 306 g uncut, it’s relatively heavy for a high-end handlebar. But it’s built to last forever. It’s also really intended for rigid mountain bikes, where the front end is already lighter than usual by virtue of having no suspension fork. I, however, mounted it to a bike with a suspension fork, meaning its damping properties will be less noticeable than 80 mm of suspension travel and high-volume tires.

The Thomson titanium handlebar is available in two sizes, 730mm x 6° backsweep x 31.8 and 730mm x 12° backsweep x 31.8 (tested). Check out www.bikethomson.com.

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